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More than 30 years in aircraft business.

F.O.Flyservice was founded the 1st of June 1974 by Finn Schou.
Finn Schou is educated as an aircraft mechanic in the Danish Air force and have served there from 1967 to 1973. In 1973 Finn Schou stopped in the Air force and continued the work with civilian aircrafts by Herning Fly & Motorservice.

In June 1974, Finn Schou took over the company Herning Fly & Motorservice and continued the company under the name F.O.Flyservice.

Until May 1977, the company rented the facilities on Herning Airfield, where the workshop was placed.

Expansion of the company.

During the first years the company growed rapidly and the workshop / hangar facilities was soon to small, and we faced, that if we wanted to grow and still be adapted the GA market, we needed to build our own facilities.
In the beginning of 1976 we started the construction of a new building on 600 square m.
This facilities was ready for use in the beginning of 1977.

The first years after the company was started the work was primarily normal repair and service on smaller aircrafts, but in 1994 we expanded the activities again by founding the company F.O.Fly- & Motorservice ApS., the owners of this company is Finn Schou and Niels Lassen.

Niels Lassen was also educated as an aircraft mechanic in the Danish Air force where he has served in 6 years, after that period he continued, as a technician, in a civilian aircraft piston-engine workshop, the next 3 years.
Niels Lassen is today the manager and the leading technician in the aircraft engine-, component- and propeller workshop by F.O.Fly- & Motorservice, witch is a sub division of of F.O.Flyservice.

The workshop facilities, in Herning Airfield, have expanded with a engine and propeller workshop, all the facilities are today about 1.000 m2. heated area and further about 1.000 m2, unheated hangar facilities for aircraft parking, etc.

Company authorization by the civil authorities.

Together with the foundation of F.O.Fly- & Motorservice Aps, F.O.Flyservice was authorized by the Danish Civil Authorities to perform overhaul on propeller, components and aircraft piston engines up to 400 HK, and authorization to perform "Major Repair and Modification" on all aircrafts up to a weight limit on 2730 kg. plus on other specified heavier aircrafts . Later on the authorization was expanded to a JAR-145.

In 2004 F.O.flyservice was converted to a corporation and approved by EASA.

Today is F.O.Flyservice Aps working with many special tasks who only few of the Danish workshops can take care of.
The major part of our work is performed to assist our Danish, Swedish and Norwegian workshop colleagues.

Below is a short list, of which work we normally take care:

  is a EASA Part 145 approved to overhaul, repair and maintain aircraft components. (magnetos, carburetors, generators, alternators, starters, fuel pumps, turbo, etc.)

F.O.Flyservice have piston engine and propeller workshop. We overhaul and repair all common aircraft piston engines (Lycoming, Continental, Rolls Royce, Franklin, Limbach, Rotax, etc.) up to 400 HK.

F.O.Flyservice is EASA Part 145 approved to overhaul and repair Sensenich and McCauley, fixed pitch metal propeller.

F.O.Flyservice is approved by Piper as "Piper service Center".

F.O.Flyservice is approved by "Rotax" and the only "Rotax" dealer and "Rotax service Center" in Denmark.

F.O.Flyservice perform many different specialized works on aircrafts, for example:

  • Authorized. welding of constructions in aircrafts as: Steel tubing, engine mounts, etc.
  • Repair and rebuilding of exhaust systems, vaste-gates, etc.
  • Repair and rebuilding of damaged aircrafts and aircraft parts of all types (sheet metal structure, steel tube construction, wooden and glass fiber composite construction or combination of all.
    Aircraft parts as, wings, fuselage, stabilizers, flight controls can be fitted in jiig to control, obtain, maintain factory specifications.
  • Recovering and repair of fabric covered aircrafts.
  • Painting jobs is performed in our own painting facility, together with repair and overhaul work.
  • Authorized weighing and calculation of CG. of aircrafts.

F.O.Flyservice Is also a trade company and sell products to,  "Do it yourself people" and persons who repair, build and restore "Experimental-aircrafts" or UL-aircrafts. - For example are we dealer for Poly-Fiber, Ceconite and Randolph covering systems and as a new thing are we mixing and tinting colors due to the factory's color card, for example do you not have to wait month on special colors as Randolph Dope, Poly-Tone or Aero-Thane colors to be shipped from USA.

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